Two Nova Scotia principals to be honoured

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HALIFAX – Two Nova Scotia Elementary School Principals will be honoured later this month in Toronto. Adrienne Blumenthal and Roberta Jones are part of an elite group of 40 educators named Canada’s outstanding principals by the Learning Partnership.

Porters Lake Elementary opened four years ago and principal Blumenthal has been there since day one.

Blumenthal’s typical day involves interacting with the students in every classroom.


“That is the most important part of my job – making sure that I am visible in the school and that the kids know who I am.” Blumenthal said. “I need to know what they’re learning about and once they’re telling me, it also means that they’re solidifying their learning.”

Roberta Jones is in her second year as principal at Holland Road Elementary in Fletchers Lake.

Like Blumenthal, Jones also gets involved with students. She says there’s nothing like feedback.

“You listen to what the little children say and what their parents have to say and what your staff has to say, and then you respond in most cases, very supportively.”

The students are quite proud of their principals —; showing their support with cards to Blumenthal.

One reads, “Thank you for being an awesome principal. I feel that you should be one of Canada’s top principals. I feel really lucky that you are my principal.”

Two Grade 6 students say Blumenthal is very deserving of being recognized as one of the top principals in the country.

“She’s very nice and she helps out with everything around the school and she does stuff after school, at school,” said Cameron Gulliver.

Taelyn Cargill is also supportive.

“She’s always in the classrooms, helping out, making sure the kids are okay, they’re happy, what they’re learning…that’s really important.”

Jones has also received cards and support from students.

“She’s a really nice lady and she’s really helpful and I really like her as a principal,” said Emma Fox, a Grade 5 student.

As an example of Jones’ involvement, she lets students mess her hair up like they are aspiring hairdressers.

“I try to promote that personal touch and visibility,” she said. “So they feel comfortable when they have to come to me if they have a concern. ”

Blumenthal has a daily goal.

“I want to make sure they’re going to have the best day ever and walk out of here knowing something they didn’t know before.”

The principals will receive their awards Feb. 24  in Toronto, where they will also attend a leadership skills seminar.

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