Residents forced to leave their homes for BRT expansion

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WINNIPEG —; Shortly after receiving federal funding for the rapid transit plan, the city released the addresses of the properties that will be expropriated in a new report.

“I’m really thrilled we got the funding in place and we gotta get the job done,” said Mayor Brian Bowman.

But thrilled isn’t the word some residents are using. They are being forced to leave their homes as phase two of the extension is underway.


“It’s not good because there’s a lot of stuff I’ve accumulated here,” said Andrew Pearase. Pearase and his wife Maureen are renting, meaning they will have to pack up and leave with no compensation. They worry about the expense of moving and the convenience of being able to walk to work.

“It’s a nice walk, it’s close. I don’t think I will be able to if we move,” said Maureen.

The properties include two duplexes, a house, pieces of commercial property and some vacant lots. The route dedicated to just buses will run from Jubilee Avenue into the Parker Lands and then south to the University of Manitoba. Neighbours near the homes that are going to be demolished are dreading the construction process.

“Well having 4 kids, that’s a bit terrifying,” said Jennifer Bottema. “Just because they like to go outside and play.”

Although residents are sad to say goodbye to their homes, they are also disappointed to move away from neighbours that they’ve built good relationships with.””

“I have 3 grand kids, they come around quite a bit because there’s lots of kids in the area,” said Pearase. “To leave that behind, it’s sad.”

Construction on the massive project is slated to start in 2016 with the completion date of late 2019.

Winnipeg Transit says the route will be fully functional by 2020.

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