Janne Niinimaa having a blast playing at the World’s Longest Hockey Game

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WATCH ABOVE: Niinimaa talking about goose hunting with Glen Sather

EDMONTON — Janne Niinimaa is having a blast at the World’s Longest Hockey Game.

The former Oiler will score a goal and then say to his teammates, ‘Guys, guys, guys, jump on my back, I will carry you!’

“This is a real grind,” said Niinimaa, as the World’s Longest Hockey Game reached the midway point Wednesday. “But lots of fun too.”



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    Niinimaa’s also shared a few hockey stories with his fellow players, including one about former Oilers’ General Manager Glen Sather.

    Niinimaa’s fellow countryman, sports reporter Jouni Nieminen, helped translate the story about when the pair went goose hunting.

    “Glen Sather started making player trades, and he was talking on his cell phone and trading players and talking about trades, and Janne said, ‘Just remember Mr. Sather, I’m holding a shotgun in case you’re thinking about trading me,’” he explained with a laugh.

    IN PHOTOS: World’s Longest Hockey Game at Saiker’s Acres

    The hockey game, in support of the Alberta Cancer Foundation, is in its sixth day at Saiker’s Acres in Strathcona County. The game hit the halfway point Wednesday afternoon. Earlier Wednesday morning, the 1000th goal was scored by each team.

    The public is encouraged to come out to support the 40 hockey players. The game wraps up Monday evening.

    Directions: Take Wye Road east from Sherwood Park towards Ardrossan. Turn south on Range Road 220, you will see a Laughing Llama gas station. Continue south for about 2 kilometres. The entrance to Saiker’s Acres will be on your left ,with signage directing you to the parking area.

    For more information, visit the World’s Longest Hockey Game’s website.

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