Departing curling club GM leaves a legacy

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He’s been a fixture at the Lethbridge Curling Club for several years.  General Manager Dave Manser is as dedicated as they come, and always seems to be around the rink.  He’s incredibly passionate about the sport – maybe even to the point of excess.

“My first year at university was all about my last year of junior competitive curling” said Manser.  ““We were trying to make an Alberta title and go to Canadians, and my school work suffered a little bit because of that.”


It may have gotten him into trouble once or twice, but curling has always been a huge part of Manser’s life.  Though he still plays the game, most of his time now is spent growing the game at the grass roots level.

“If we can get kids hooked on the game now, they tend to be curlers for life, and it is a sport that you can enjoy from six years old, to 96 years old.  So getting them young and hooked on the sport is a big part of the job.”

Office Manager Nanette Dupont has worked alongside Manser for three years.  She appreciates what her GM has been able to do since his arrival, saying:

”We’ve gone from 18 rookie curlers to almost 50.  Introducing people to the club, getting people to the club, getting people started, keeping them going. He’s been great at that.”

Now, after nearly five years as General Manager, Manser is stepping down to help with his dad’s trucking company.  Dave’s enthusiasm for curling and dedication to the club will be missed.

“His passion shows through all the way to the ice,” said head ice maker Geordie Peat.  “He gives support and really anything we need for a better curling game. For us, he makes our lives much easier.”

During his time at the club, Manser has been able to bring in big events, increase membership, and cultivate youth programs.  When he leaves his post in April, what he’ll miss most is the people.

“The relationship you make with the volunteers and the staff here at the club, that’s the hard part that I’ll miss.”

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